Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Board Game Closet

Yesterday I decided to go though our game closet because I knew there were a couple of outdated trivia games, games with missing pieces, or just some that no one played with any more.  I ended up getting rid of 12 games...and yet, I was still left with this:

Now, in my defense, the ones on the floor are all large floor puzzles with the exception of one game.  But still, is this normal?!  

There are so many fun new games that have come out since I was a kid, so I enjoy getting new ones to try with the kids.  And since I am currently looking out my window at what looks like a blizzard, and we have around a foot of snow forecasted for today, this seems like a perfect day to pull some of these out and have a game day by the fireplace!  Stay warm!

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