Thursday, October 8, 2015

Simple Fall Mantle

There is nothing like the beautiful fall leaves and refreshing crisp air after the long hot and humid summers we have! 

About this time of year I spend lots of time drooling over everyone's beautiful fall decorations.   And while I love going all out this time of year, I have gone with a less is more approach this year and am really loving it!  So, I thought I would share some pics of how I dressed my mantle up just a bit for this change in seasons. 

I'm in love with these little light up pumpkins that I found!  They are on a timer and pop on every night just as the sun is going down, leaving a beautiful pattern on the walls.  Perfection!

I also added a new lantern to the right of the fireplace.  Thinking that I may add some pretty fall leaves in the side of it just to give it a little pop.

Love this view after a long day :)