Tuesday, March 25, 2014

House Number Post

Confession time:  Our house did not have house numbers on the front of our house.  Now to a normal person this may not seem like a big deal; just causes a problem for the poor pizza delivery guy trying to figure out which house is yous :) But in the EMS/Fire world, this is a big no-no.  It makes it a lot harder for emergency workers to find you when you need them most-which I was not happy about.  

We have a corner lot so our driveway is on the side of our house and our garage doors face the side as well.  So we have numbers above the garage, but for people coming down the main part of our street, it is really hard to figure out which house is ours!  For the almost 2 years that we have lived in this house we have talked about different ways to get numbers in the front.  I was not a fan of putting them permanently on the actual house for various reasons (one being we have a covered front porch and are up on a hill so you wouldn't be able to easily see the numbers anyway).  So we had this idea to go with a post; and I love how it turned out!  

We  My husband started by digging a hole where we wanted the post to go. 

We used a 4x4 post and fit it in the hole.

We wanted to match up to the white square columns on the front of our house so we used a post jacket to cover it.  My husband used a couple screws at the bottom to hold it together while we worked on it.

Once we got the post to the correct height and level, we filled the hole with paver gravel. 

 We decided to go with a solar light cap so in the evening it will light up and illuminate our numbers.

Added the numbers and we were done!  I do plan to add a plant hanger on the side so I can have a hanging basket of flowers to dress it up a bit, but for now, here's how it turned out!  (and as I said earlier, our house is on a hill so we purposefully placed the numbers towards the top so they would be more visible from the road.  I also have some flowers that grow up in front of this that will cover part of the bottom)

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