Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bows, Bands, and Clips...OH MY!

I LOVE all the fun bows, flowers, clips, and headbands that come along with having little girls!  How quickly they can pile up though!  Here is a look at how I keep it all organized!

I recently cleaned out the baby headbands and some bows and flowers that had started falling apart gotten a lot of love and were ready to be retired.  My youngest girl is 2 years old and has very fine hair, so at this point we are only using the tiny rubber bands and clipping a bow/flower or adding a colored band on top.  Nothing real exciting, but I am looking forward to the time where she will sit (and not scream EVERY SINGLE TIME) so I can do some more fun things with her hair!  I'm sure I will have to redo this drawer at that point, but for now, this is how it is all stored:

This is the top drawer of her dresser.  The far left has socks and swim stuff, but the rest is all for hair.  

I got the purple bins at Dollar Tree a while back and they are great!  They come in a couple different sizes and have worked so well for keeping all of her hair supplies.  I did add a non-slip pad on the bottom of the drawer because they did slide around otherwise-even with the way I have them packed in there!  

So, like I said, I am sure this system will have to change as she gets older, but it is what we have used since she was born and for now I am sticking with it.  Although, she recently decided that it can be fun to reach her little hands in the drawer and throw things on the floor when she wakes up and no one is around, so it may be changing sooner than later...stay tuned ;)

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