Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Nail Care Organization

I'm definitely a girly girl at heart.  I love makeup, jewelry, shoes, purses etc.  And although there are many days that my nails are not looking fantastic, I sure do feel put together when I look down and see nicely painted fingers and toes!  I keep all of my nail care items together so when I am ready to pretty them up, I just pull one basket out from under the bathroom cabinet and am ready to go!

I got this blue basket at the dollar store and it works great to store everything!  I bought some other cheap plastic organizers to put inside (I already had a couple of them actually...don't look too closely or you will see that they don't all match 100%...).  A quick little tag cutout from my Cricut and tied on a little label (because really, what good is a basket without a label?!)

I use a toothbrush holder to hold taller items like nail files and a cuticle pusher.  I have my "egg" callus removers in the front because I am a barefoot girl and the bottoms of my feet take quite a beating! 

I actually use a lipstick holder for my polishes.  I limit myself to what will fit in this.  I'm pretty boring when it comes to nail colors so I don't need a whole rainbow anyway (but if I really were feeling bold I could raid my 12 year old daughter's stash-she's got some interesting colors ;) )

All my 'tools' are together in these little bins...these are the two that don't match...don't judge ;) 

And that's it!  I can easily take the whole basket out and put it on my bathroom counter then tuck it back in the cabinet when I am done!  I've been using this system for years now and it has been a winner for sure!

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