Monday, April 13, 2020

Quarantined Easter

Happy Easter!  This year's Easter celebrations were definitely different, but if I am being honest, it was one of my favorite Easters ever! Our morning was slower paced since church was in our living room and we weren't rushing to get out the door, and it was nice to be able to soak up and really enjoy those moments together.  The weather was nice, the kids were all pleasant even with an early wakeup call thanks to littlest sister (and you never know what you might get with two teenagers early in the morning!), and we just felt so much more grateful to be spending the day together this year.  I know not all families were able to do that, and I just am so thankful that our family has stayed safe throughout this so far.

I pray you all are doing well and staying healthy, both physically and mentally.  If there are any specific ways I can pray for you, please send me a message through here or my social media pages.  I know this is a difficult time for everyone and want to do my part to help in any way I can.

Since we have been in a stay at home order, no cute coordinating Easter outfits were bought for my crew this year, but we couldn't let the day pass by without a picture anyway.  I hope you all had a beautiful weekend with your families!


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