Sunday, May 25, 2014

Chore Charts

I've searched long and hard for a chore chart that functioned how I wanted it to.  I love all the cute ideas on Pinterest with chore cards and magnetic boards, but with 4 kids to make them for and the space it would take to put them up for each kid, it just isn't the best option for us. And I have never found just the perfect basic chart, so I finally decided to make some myself! 

I wanted something simple to use and not cluttered up with a bunch of things I didn't need.  The left side is for daily chores that need to be done (make bed, read, feed dog, etc.)  The right side is for things that just need to be done once a week.

I am laminating them so we can use dry erase markers to change the chores as needed (like during the summer when homework is not an issue and as they get older and can do different things.)  I also printed them out as a 4x6 size so that I can easily have them all displayed without taking up a ton of space.   At some point they could even keep them in their rooms (although I prefer to have them all in one spot so I can keep a close eye on what is getting done or not ;) ).

Hoping this is finally the system that works for us!

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